‘Troll King’ – a short story

“I can see it’s VR, but what makes it unique? It’s all been done a jillion times.” Snorfglorp looked at the game store attendant behind the counter. It was a blo-Bhumb. Notoriously rude - and flatulent. “Arcade survival,” he wheezed, its bulging eye fixed on Snorfglorp’s last remaining credit. On the game’s cabinet was an… Continue reading ‘Troll King’ – a short story

Quantum Karma

In the spirit of blending popular science with philosophy, this week's post is an experiment that you can perform anytime, anywhere. Let's start with a simple hypothesis: How we think directly affects what happens to us. It might seem like an obvious conclusion. Thoughts precede action => action precedes behaviour => behaviour precedes fate. It's the old… Continue reading Quantum Karma

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