Corruption of Svadhishthana

Balancing any chakra is a tricky business. But the second chakra, has to be one of the trickiest.

Governing pleasure, creativity, and sexuality, the orange-hued, and watery world of Svadhishthana has certainly kept me on my toes. It takes a great deal of awareness to help this area flow openly, and I am somewhat inspired to stop writing this post to get myself into cobbler’s pose. In fact, yeah, let’s do it.

You too. Sit on the floor. Soles of the feet together. Knees fall out to the side. Maybe even bounce them up and down a bit. Mmm, yeah, like that.


So, why such difficulty with this area? What is the infatuation?

Well, not mentioning the generations of sexual oppression that has occurred – especially with women – I will focus on how modern day society twists sexuality and turns it into a commodity to sell products.

Sex sells, as they say. And it’s certainly true. Partially nude, or heavily photoshopped models are used to sell anything from deodorant to holidays, and don’t get me started on music videos. Sex is everywhere, and we are constantly stimulated and shut down by it in a process of continuous arousal and guilt that turns the entire energetic system into a knot.

Let us remember that sexual energy is the primordial energy. It is the most powerful energy that we as humans can wield on a personal level. It has the ability to transform inert particles from the earth into living, breathing, conscious, creative flesh. Spirit from matter.

We all remember our first love, our first romantic encounter, the lure and pull of our sexual partners. As soon as essences and hormones are mixed, an intoxicating concoction is brewed, and it has to the power to transfix, hypnotise, even drive mad anyone who partakes. The energy of the sacral chakra has the ability to engage people in lifelong commitments to partners, it also has the ability to drive us to affairs. We can become addicted to pleasure.

And so often, this primordial force is wasted. Pornography has to be one of the single most devilish and depleting ventures of humanity. I don’t know the figures, but I’m sure that porn has dominated the internet in terms of search results, and it is quite clear how lucrative it is as a business. I am no purist, but I can say with a degree of surety, that whenever we ‘spend’ our time watching such forms of entertainment, our vital energy is drained, and so with it, our focus is bled out.

The power of the human mind, and the potency of sexual arousal can leave many trapped in a cycle of dependency and depletion. This can come at the expense of the health of our personal relationships, or creative ventures – losing the willpower and determination to channel this potent energy into loving our partners, or creating a personal business, or expressing our artistic impulses in healthy and sustainable ways.

It is as though our vital spirit is weakened as our energy is leaked from the system mindlessly and with quivering compulsion.

Continence and fidelity is a huge part of the yogic way of life (in fact, Brahmacharya, is one of Patanjali’s lifestyle guidelines), and indeed this trend is transferring across to the Western approach to modern life, with many forums and online discussions promoting #NoFap – the practicing of abstaining from masturbation, or sexual activity on the whole, in order to raise personal energy levels and expand our awareness beyond the compulsive, cheap thrills associated with the now well-sharpened media and entertainment industries which has lured our young men, in particular, into the world of unconscious sex, leading to generations of confused, guilt-ridden, and dysfunctional individuals.

Alas, our personal energy can be put to better use. This same primordial energy can be channeled upwards into the higher chakras – to develop personal willpower, compassion, communication, insight, and connection.

From a yogic standpoint, the use of bandhas is of paramount importance in first being able to contain, and to then divert the flow of energy upwards through our energetic system, instead of outwards.

We don’t have to be yogis, though. We can begin by becoming more aware of how often, with whom, or where we invest our primordial energy. It is about raising our level of consciousness. It is also about not allowing ourselves to be sold to cheap lures and promises that offer little more than shallow and short-lived pleasure. We must take responsibility for our own actions, and know that in any moment we can always choose.

Equally, though, it is about learning to accept our actions, and to not turn Svadhishthana unnecessarily mirky and stagnant through the retention of guilt. We must act with conscious awareness, and a forgiving heart – for at the end of the day, even the most enlightened gurus of our time have battled with the immenseness that is the primordial energy.

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